Catalogue & audit app for:

Posters, signage, window vinyls, leaflets, display boards, banners, floor stickers, vehicle signs, A-boards, flags, roller banners...

Lots of physical media?

Record, audit and share what's displayed. Everywhere.


Assets deployed across campuses are easily associated with their location. Each location is 'zoned' for rapid identification and zones are further divided in to individual 'sites'. This standardised categorisation is the key to efficient and accurate inventory management.


Invite multiple users to share the asset management process. Set user roles & prevent unauthorised changes. PMI is a web app. It's accessible from all the mobile, tablet and desktop devices your team members already use.


PMI's auditing workflow ensures rapid inventory checking and updating. Automatic journalling for each site shows a history of audits and changes. Photograph assets using your device's camera or upload images from other sources.


Monthly subscriptions. Cancel anytime & take your data with you.

Standard monthly


  • 5 locations

  • Unlimited zones

  • Unlimited sites

  • 1000 assets

  • 10 team members

For organisations with localised campuses

Premium monthly


  • 20 locations

  • Unlimited zones

  • Unlimited sites

  • 10,000 assets

  • 40 team members

For large business and institutions


What is PMI?

A web application that catalogues your physical media like signs, posters and banners. It can be accessed on any internet connected device.

How does PMI work?

Set up your organisation's locations, zones and sites in minutes. Then use your team's mobile devices to photograph and categorise all your assets. PMI organises all your data and surfaces what you need in a snap. Update at inventory at your convenience. All changes are automatically journaled on a site-by-site basis for easy auditing.

The data is arranged in a nested format because it's easy to use. Like this:

Can I see a demo?

We're working on demo videos + Zoom call demos. Coming soon.

How can I sign up for PMI?

Access to PMI is invitation only. A limited number of 'beta users' are currently helping us test and debug. Interested in being a beta user? Please fill in the registration form below.

Register your interest

Please complete this form if you're interested in becoming an early user of PMI and helping us build an awesome product.

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